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OMEGA ... The Sun Is A Bitch
by MoonFever


"Take one beam of light
Prism acquire
Break the white light down
Seven rays appear"
- Todd Rundgren's Utopia "Seven Rays"

"You would like to see our current project?" the cloaked man asked me in the breakfast table.

"Yes, I do"

"Come along", the white cloaked man said. And we left walking down the beach behind the next cape.

When we got in there, some kind of a gate was visible. I asked him about it.

"It is a gate to another virtual reality environment", he answered.

He seemed to have some sense of dramaturgy, because he was leading us in here. If I had understood anything from this virtual reality stuff, couldn't we have transferred to another virtual reality environment without this walk?

I began to think about this more. Perhaps he just wanted somehow to help to think about this. No doubt, it was easier to think that this "project" was located behind the cape and not on the beach in front of my cabin where everything else was. Evidently, I still wanted to think that the "project" was located physically in somewhere. I mean in a definite place what it really does not have, a physical place, in here. Even the time was not what it was naturally thought to be. I am in the future, in comparison to some other time, but on the other hand, I am just now. But I am in no particular place, where my senses are telling me to be, but instead I am inside a virtual reality generator and still being myself. This is something like this, I thought.

Continued . . .


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