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By Tim Burness

From an astrological point of view, these two musical giants had a lot going for them from the start. With their birthdays next door to each other (Steve born 12th February 1950, Peter born 13th February 1950) a combined chart of the two shows the most important features. Everyone born on those two days shares the same basic chart. Obviously not everyone born at that time grew up to be key members of legendary progressive rock greats Genesis, or for that matter, then go on to have hugely successful and artistically brilliant international solo musical careers!

The sign of Aquarius features strongly for Peter and Steve. The essential Sun sign is there, together with traditionally the two luckiest planets Venus and Jupiter. Typical Aquarian qualities include originality, experimentalism and humanitarianism. Venus and Jupiter show artistic expression and personal development that are "eccentric, individualistic, unorthodox and unique to oneself", qualities obviously expressed to the full, both with Genesis and throughout their solo careers.

In terms of the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, the social and intellectual development of Air is very much the strongest, with Water the weakest. Aquarius is known for a certain emotional detachment, and possible emotional difficulties for Peter and Steve will not be helped by a lack of planets in Water signs. Peter is likely to suffer more here, due to the rather heavy and depressing Moon in Capricorn on 13th February. By contrast Steve was probably born with the emotionally lighter and more optimistic Moon in Sagittarius the day before.

Other strong features of the chart are a beautiful Mars and Neptune conjunction in Libra ("the ability to actualize a distant vision, often a constant flow of special talents which can appear supernatural") nicely linked to a Jupiter and Pluto opposition. The latter combines an egoless humanitarian urge with a paradoxical deep-rooted drive for personal power that is all about BIG-TIME ego!

These two gentlemen remain a unique inspiration to many people on many levels. Thank you Mister Hackett and Mister Gabriel.


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